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My name is Andrea Baines.  


I've always had cats and dogs and been a big animal lover my whole life, but didn't start to work with animals until 2021. Before that I worked in adult services and was a medical secretary the NHS, among various other jobs.


I really love all animals, but particularly love to work with rescued pets because I know they need the most love, care and patience, and usually make the most grateful and loving of pets. 


My last dog, Billy, was a gorgeous little rescue cross terrier (pictured) who I acquired when he was just 3 months old after he'd been found wondering the streets of Dublin where I lived at the time. He was just the best dog who everybody loved. Sadly, Billy passed away at the grand old age of 15 in 2022.


I still have my cat, Luna, who is a great little friend and always there to greet me when I come home.

So, I know what it's like to want our pets to be their happiest and healthiest at all times, but especially when we're not around and they need extra reassurance and cuddles.

I love the outdoors and have always dreamed of working with animals, and as I have a deep affinity with cats, I wanted to include pet sitting for small pets in my services too.

When I was a teenager I volunteered at Cotwall End Animal Sanctuary just to spend time caring for animals, and I've helped many friends out over the years with their house and pet sitting needs.

After the pandemic, I decided it was time to quit my 9-5 desk job so that I turn what I love and do really well into a business that brings me great joy and fulfilment.

I'm fully insured to provide the services I offer, and hold a clean DBS certificate, so you can be assured of a professional, reliable and competent service at all times. In 2023 I gained my Level 2 Pet First Aid certificate and also have experience of administering injections to cats.

So, whether your dog needs a walk or some company while you're at work, your cat needs feeding and cuddles when you're on vacation, or you need someone to house sit your pets, I can help!

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