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Dog in Cone

When life throws you a curve ball...

I really hope we enjoy our time working together, but I understand that sometimes plans have to change, emergencies occur or life simply just gets in the way.  And that goes for both of us!


I will try to accommodate you as best I can, however please understand that I have a schedule to work to that may not always make it possible. To help manage your expectations of my service I've created the following terms and conditions so we both know where we stand, and to help us work things out when those odd times occur.

Terms & Conditions


All scheduled dog walking services require full payment ahead of time either by cash or bank transfer.  Eg, if you book 3 walks for the week you will need to pay for all 3 at the start of that week.


A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to reserve your slot.  The balance will be due at the start of the pet sit date.


Cancellations for dog walking services must be made with at least 24 hours prior notice to transfer the payment over to another date or receive a refund. If less than 24 hours notice is given, no refund or transfer is offered. 

Cancellations for pet sitting will not be refunded the deposit.  If the cancellation is less than 24 hours and the full balance has already been paid no refund will be given.  If, however, your holiday has been rescheduled to a new date I am happy to transfer the full payment over, subject to availability of the date.


If you receive a positive covid test and have to isolate please let me know as soon as possible.  

Usual terms apply.


I'm happy to walk dogs in any weather, however, in the case of adverse weather conditions that make walking unsafe (eg torrential rain, heavy snow or ice, very high winds) I will communicate with you if I don't feel it is safe for your pet to be walked.  In this case I will still tend to your pet, even if it means spending time playing with them indoors and letting them outside for a short while to go toilet.


If for any reason I am delayed from reaching your pet within the given time slot, which could be due to weather, traffic or other emergency, I will communicate this to you straight away and do my absolute best to reach them, albeit a little later than planned. 

If an emergency or rare circumstance occurs beyond my control and I am prevented from reaching your pet at all, I will communicate this to you or your emergency contact immediately if possible. You will be required to nominate an emergency contact during our Meet & Greet.


In order to take care of your pet or home I will need to access your property with your permission on the days and times requested.  You will need to provide me with a key and any alarm codes required to do so.  This can be done during the Meet & Greet or further arrangements can be made to drop the key off.  Please rest assured I will treat your property and personal space with the utmost respect and only access areas required to carry out my duties.


Upon signing a contract with me you agree to the above terms and conditions.  

Covid Statement


If you have any questions regarding terms and conditions or need to cancel a service please contact me as soon as possible.

Andrea Baines - 07507 020882

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